“The Mark of Empire: MAJAPAHIT”  Ep 4, Channel News Asia  2020


“Inside T4: Terminal of Tomorrow”  National Geographic Channel (IFA Media)

“Inside Singapore Airlines”  National Geographic Channel (IFA Media)

“Feast With The Least” (10 mins) – commissioned by Christian Outreach For The Handicapped. (Pls click “WATCH ON VIMEO”)

Channelnews Asia Documentary: “Close-up for the Kathoey”(Part 1 of 5)

AlJazeera , 101 East : “Small fry, big catch

“Brat Camp of China” – National Geographic Asia . 1 month shoot in Szechuan province, China. (DV), 2005. 2nd unit Cameraman

Docu – Tree Climbing Crab (selected segments)

Docu – Indonesia Orang Laut (selected segments)

Docu – “Remember Chek Jawa” (selected segments)

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